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Located in Manitou Springs, CO. CK Comics & Collectibles / Heroes Hollow (speakeasy) is your stop for all things geek. CK specializes in “vintage” comics and collectible figurines, posters, clothing, and food.
Heroes Hollow is the home to gaming, beer and wine, movies and private parties.
Numerous events occur throughout the year. Everything from DJs, bands, fashion shows, family movie and game nights, and adult game nights to name a few. CK Comics loves Manitou so we get involved with Manitou Springs events, to include the annual Coffin Races.

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Heroes Hollow Clubhouse


Whether you have a need to just sit back to chill or to play a game of Magic the Gathering on Friday night. This is the place to do it. Heroes Hollow is the back room of CK Comics with all the things it takes to be a hang out. There’s board games, table top games, video games and events like movie nights on an 80″ TV with full theater surround sound.

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CK Comics Online Store

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When your Tardis is in the shop and you really need the special geek prize, click into the store and see what’s available. This store is not the full contents of the shop in Manitou Springs, but you just might find a really cool comic or figurine. See you soon!

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What We Are and Where We Came From…

In 2012 there was a vision. A vision to create a spectacular place where the local kids could become avid readers. And of course have a spot where the tourists in a small town would find something different. By different that meant something that wasn’t art or jewelry or all the other things that a destination spot may have.

Hence, a comic book store rose from the ashes. It remains a place where kids of all ages can read something old or something new.  A comic book store where you can get lost in your childhood.  It’s a great spot to teach your kids what you grew up on, superheroes. Imaginations run wild here when you pick up a story line from the 1980’s or when you find on the shelf a He-Man or Power Ranger figure that is just like your favorite one that mom put in the garage sale so she could “clean your room”.

Then in 2015, Heroes Hollow was created in the back room of CK Comics and Collectibles. It is a spot where you can pick a board game off the shelf, round up a couple friends and simply get lost in the fantasy. With a large 80″ television and surround sound you can put in a movie and play a movie that brings back memories or submerges you into the depths of superheroes, vampires or legends. Table top gaming has its nights and video gaming has it’s place. You can even rent out the back room for private birthday/gaming/bachelor/bachelorette or whatever parties.

And as of May 2017, CK Comics and Collectibles along with Heroes Hollow is under new ownership. The vision remains the same and is ever growing with collaboration with the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce and the Pikes Peak Library District Manitou Springs.


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A winter view in the beautiful mountain town of Manitou Springs, CO

Next Steps…

Come in and visit us at 719 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs,  CO or browse our catalog right here online

Visit our online store until you can come in and visit us