CK Comics & Collectibles

shop pic

Yes, we are a comic store.

But don’t be fooled.

Inside this quaint little space is a huge selection of collectible toys, local art work, prints, canvas, and sculptures.

We are the complete nerd headquarters for cosplay, sci-fi, zombies, or anime. Our large selection of back issue comics will amaze you while we grow our inventory of new and used merchandise.

There is even a stage in the front window of the store. This is perfect for a DJ or small band. So that means events galore. All we do is clear the store’s floor and it becomes a dance floor. Maybe a lecture? a presentation? a fashion show? The ideas are endless. Check out our calendar or Facebook to see what is happening next.

Once you complete your tour of the front room you will be amazed as you step through the back door into the bar…Heroes Hollow Clubhouse